Kim's Short Film Reel
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Starring as hard-hitting DA Constance Smith in   Mark Lund 's 2014 indie feature, the IMDb's 8th most successful indie of 2014
Mrs. Wolverton becomes the butt of the stoned shenanagins of two bored friends in this charming & highly praised feature by Mark Lewis
Dr. Pullen has the hard task of diagnosing possible terminal cancer in a small child in this feature by Bill Miller
  1. Pediatric oncologist
    Clip from indie feature "Cowboy Spirit"
  2. Eccentric Hungarian
    This character was featured in a series of videos used for English language learners, shot by Freddie Rostand.
  3. Prosecuting DA
    Constance Smith clip from Mark Lund's indie feature "Justice Is Mind"
  4. Mediation Judge
    From a Empower Legal video demonstrating a smooth mediation process
  5. Attorney
    Constance Smith from Mark Lund's indie feature "Justice Is Mind."
  6. Heavy drinking auntie
    Bev from the award-winning short "Advent."
  7. Commercial with VO
    In this commercial I am both the featured actor and the narrator. No longer running.
  8. Spousal abuse suspected
    From a video series for the med school at the University of NE, modeling best practices for dealing with suspected spousal and elder abuse.
  9. Mixed Medical Reel
    A variety of medical clips
  10. Kim's short film reel
  11. Patient
    Industrial about hormone replacement therapy created for the Association of Professors of Gynecology and Obstetrics by Jespersen Associates of Boston.
  12. Mature Love
    Beyond This with Kim Gordon & Barry Lew, written & directed by Eddie Frateschi
  1. Representative Film Roles
    Serpentine (Marlene Baxter);Justice Is Mind (Constance Smith, DA);Theory of Conflict (University Trustee); The Convict (Parole Board member); Cowboy Spirit (Dr. Pullen ); Ugly Ducklings (Charlotte, Camp Director); Wild Girl Waltz(neighbor Mrs. Wolverton) ; Advent (Bev); Big Shot (School Principal); Good Taste (busybody Diane);The Eighteenth Hour (cult leaderTsiria)
  2. Voice Over
    Traveline Weekly TV Travel Magazine, Maine Department of Education, Community Cancer Center, Kennebec Valley Technical College, Boothby and Bartlett Insurance, narration for video health series "The Inergy Within," voice on corporate phone systems,
  3. Non-Broadcast Industrials
    Examples include: Hospital CFO (Wolters Kluwer);Testimonial provider (Thumbtack) Mediation judge (Empower Legal); MD in video series about domestic & elder abuse (UNE) ; Addictions Specialist MD for NIH sponsored tobacco program(Butler Hospital); Nurse in coding info video(Ferring Pharma); Shopper in training video(CVS) ; dermatologist (ADA); mother of special needs daughter (Inst. for Community Inclusion.)
  4. Stage Roles
    Forty year member of AEA, now retired. Recent roles:Love, Loss & What I Wore (Gingy),The Cherry Orchard (Charlotte) Nina(Grete), Mrs Mannerly (Best Play 2014-2015 Broadway World) title role,Twenty-First Annual...Spelling Bee(Rona) 16 seasons of classical rep including works of Shakespeare, Moliere, Shaw, Sheridan. Favorite roles include Beatrice, Hermione and the notorious pirate queen Grannia in the world premiere of the musical of the same name.
  5. Infomercials
    National TV Host for: VISA Health Extras insurance coverage, Chitosol Weight Loss Program (winner of industry award), Maximus. Extensive use of teleprompter and interview improvisation.
  6. Commercials
    Over 30 years of experience. Conflicts upon request.
  7. Theater Educator
    Kim led three London Theater January Term classes for Colby College,attending and discussing theater performances with 25 students. Also: regional Gifted and Talented Program in Drama for four Central Maine High Schools for over a decade, drama instructor for "Lively Spaces" at the Colby College Art Museum; theater and movement events for nearly 400 children, guest director at the Waterville JHS.
Kim is a wonderful talent. She has consistently given us a top performance in all of our productions. I would highly recommend Kim to anyone looking for a host, a voice over or an actor. I hope to work with her again soon.
Reginald Groff III
Television Production and Brand Development
Kim is an experienced actor who starred in a recent production at Good Theater, MRS. MANNERLY. Her work was excellent and she was a joy to work with on this project. A team player, dedicated and prepared. An excellent actress/employee. Highly recommended! 
Brian P. Allen 
Executive & Artistic Director 
Good Theater 
Kim understands nuance & can convey emotion in her voiceover & acting work.
Phillip Roy
President/CEO at AJMA INC and Owner, MediaLab Maine
Hear VO sample at this site
Ready to work...
Kim is skilled with a teleprompter and handles elaborate language (modern acronyms to Elizabethan tongue-twisters) easily. She learns lines quickly and is also ready to improvise if the situation requires it. Because of her professional, calm approach and strong work ethic, she is frequently asked back for second projects with the same production team. In fact three times her role was expanded for a second commercial because of client enthusiasm. (Oakhurst Dairy, Country Lane Homes and St Mary's Center for Joint Replacement.) She is an avid out-doorswoman, gardener and cook. She loves travel and is comfortable speaking Spanish. Because of her theater background and work as an historic interpretor, she is comfortable in the period costumes of many eras.
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Although the entire cast is solid, Carlyne Fournier, Kim Gordon, Paul Lussier, and Mary Wexler (as Judge Wagner) deliver particularly strong supporting work in the courtroom drama portion of the movie. My favorite performance comes from Gordon; she plays one of those characters that movie-goers love to hate and does so with skill.
Frisco Kid at the Movies
INDIE FILM FOCUS: MARK ASHTON LUND’S “ JUSTICE IS MIND ” (2013)May 7, 2014 · by William Meeker · in Crime, Drama, Film, Indie Films, Mystery, Reviews, SF/F. ·
The court room sequences are its strongest point; powerful, intense and well constructed. Kim Gordon, who plays prosecutor Constance Smith, and Paul Lussier’s character, Miller’s lawyer John Darrow, battle it out in court in convincing  fashion. BY MATT WATSON on AUGUST 1, 2014

I couldn’t have cast a more perfect actress to do your part. You gave me some really beautiful moments and I am extremely happy with the footage.
Eddie Frateschi
“Beyond This”
Kim is very talented, truly professional, and a true joy to work with.
Mike Allison

Gotten lots of compliments about you in the film - even though it is a small part - you were awesome!

Mark Battle 
The Convict "
I have had the privilege of working with Kim for almost 25 years. She is always professional and engaging. Kim is a strong actor who can take on any role. She listens carefully and takes direction perfectly. Kim is an asset to any production she is involved in. Whether commercial work, film, or, theater, she will arrive on time and well prepared. Kim is also a skilled voice over talent. I highly recommend Kim be considered for upcoming roles and auditions.
Karen True
Karen True Casting
Former Director of Portland Models and Talent
Kim Gordon is a fine actress, one of Maine's best. A wonderful person and a joy to work with.
William Steele
Theater Director
I've had the pleasure of hiring Kim multiple times, and I'm always thrilled to work with her!
Cathy Plourde
Founder, AddVerb Productions
Director, UNE Medical School Videos
Kim is an amazing actress whom I directed in a short film at Boston University. Her role was intended to provide some comic relief in an otherwise very dark comedy, and she came through incredibly. 
But the real part about Kim that impressed me was her preparation and willingness to help production in tight scenes. Her makeup, particularly her fingernails, played an integral part in the story, and I remember she arrived early to set to affix the nails herself. Something that I couldn't do. 
So check out Kim's awesomely funny work in
Good Tast e  and pay attention to those fingernails
Jacob Bann
Kim is a terrific actor that I've had the pleasure of working with. She brings character to life in a vivid and exciting way. Always well prepared she works with the cast and crew in a highly professionally manner and is a great asset to any production. 
Marshall Berenson
Actor, Musician, Songwriter 
Your scenes look amazing! Thank you so much for being a part of my film. You truly became the character and brought what I envisioned to life. It was great working with you.
Emily Deering
“Pine” (Student production)